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Experience the Corum Ti-Bridge automatic double winder


The actual Ti-Bridge is a 21st millennium version of Corum’s traditional Golden Bridge replica high quality watches . Initially, Ti-Bridge has designed a small automatic winding system.

The Corum Golden Bridge watch is equipped with a little rectangular movement suspended in the event that. The beauty of the movement framework has always been the theme, and also the Ti-Bridge is also the same. The particular Ti-Bridge Dual Winder utilizes the same small rectangular motion, mounted horizontally and maintained titanium pillars. But now likely to automatic winding mechanism put into the base of the rectangular movements. The compact winding system, located on the dial side in nine o'clock, uses hard ball bearings and requires absolutely no lubrication, winding a single clip or barrel at three o'clock.

The twin tungsten rotors on the back tend to be aligned in a straight collection and connected by a coupling. They are wound in similar and function like a locomotive's coupling wheel. Jacob & Co. Astronomia Regulator

The automated mechanism increased the height from the movement, but the manufacturer skillfully used a slightly domed situation back to accommodate the new activity. The dimensions of the case are usually therefore the same as those of the actual manual-wound Ti-Bridge, at 42mm x 52mm. However , the particular domed case back does not sit as well on the hand as the flat and bent case back of the hand-wound Ti-Bridge does. Like some other new movements from Corum, this movement was developed through Laurent Besse, head in the technical development team. Having been one of the people behind L'ensemble des Artisans Horlogers, the company which created the MB& F HM4 movement before it gone bankrupt. Just earlier this season, Corum was joined simply by AHCI co-founder Vincent Calabrese, the designer of the original beautiful Golden Bridge from the Eighties. The modern game of " bridge" couldn't be better put into terms of its roots. From the front, the watch appears almost identical to the by hand wound Ti-Bridge, except for typically the winding mechanism that is partly visible underneath the movement. Such as other versions of the Ti-Bridge, the movement appears to drift above the gentle valley created by the dial. replica U-Boat Watches

Unlike the ti bridges of earlier variations, here the movement is actually held in place by 4 titanium beams. In earlier versions, the titanium struts were V-shaped, which disguised some movement.

Pictured here is the eye-catching rose gold colored model (also available in titanium), which features black PVD-coated titanium inserts on the edges. The case is very well comprehensive and finished except for 1 detail. While I like the shape and size of the rose gold crown, they have the same ugly plastic place as all Ti-Bridge timepieces.


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